Keeping Your Dog’s Eyes Clean

If your pet has tear stains, he will require ongoing treatment. However, if you just need to keep your dog’s eyes free from gunk, there are several ways to reduce the risk of eye irritation:

  • Keep your pet away when you are mowing the lawn, dusting or doing other activities that cause an excessive amount of debris or particles in the air.
  • Don’t let your dog hang his head out the car window. Sure it looks like fun, but the wind can carry objects that could cause serious infection or damage.
  • Secure all household chemicals where your dog will not be exposed to them, such as on a high shelf or in a cabinet, and keep your dog outside when you are using toxic cleaners, such as bleach and ammonia.
  • Trim your pet’s fur if it is getting into his eyes regularly. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, seek the assistance of a professional groomer.

Eye-cleaning is a fairly simple process and there is no set schedule of how often it should be preformed. Just keep on eye on your pet and his behavior and sit him down for an eye-cleaning on an as-needed basis.

How Often to Bathe a Dog

By Dr. Sherry Weaver

The simple answer to this question of how often to bathe a dog is: how often do you want to bathe your dog? Unless a dog has skin problems, there is no specific need to bathe the dog except to make him a more enjoyable companion.

Just like people, some dogs get stinky faster than others. I have known dogs that have never had a bath in their life and do not have an unpleasant smell, but my own dogs get bathed weekly.

General Dog Bathing Guidelines

I recommend you bathe a dog with normal skin once a month with dog shampoo or human baby shampoo. If you want to bathe more often than that, use a soap-free or moisturizing shampoo to prevent the skin from becoming dry

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Yes, Your Dog Will Be Happier If You Use These Dog Grooming Tips

Most dogs handle their personal grooming demands. But, you can provide an assisting hand as essential. If you do this, you will have several rewards to it. For example, it assists the two of you to bond. And, it enables for you to catch illnesses or other wellness difficulties that can impact your pet. Cant get your dog to sit nonetheless extended sufficient? Then, do a tiny portion of her each and every day. Ultimately she will enjoy it and allow you to do it easily.

Dogs use licking, shaking and scratching to stay clean. If you brush them, you can assist the fur to keep clean and unmated. Some dogs that have longer hair will call for this interest day-to-day. Other folks who have shorter hair can be brushed just when a week. Most dogs will enjoy the brushing. Others will not right off the bat. In order to help this method, use the brush in a modest quantity whilst talking soothingly to her. Afterwards, give her a treat for being great. Add a little more time on every time.

Dark specs on the skin can be fleas. In order to examine for these sorts of issues, run your hands down here coat as you brush her. If you see rather a bit of black flecks, which are flea dropping, then you require to seek aid for your animal proper away. You may also discover rice like debris near her tail. These are a sign that the dog has worms. Once again, you need to take your pet to the vet in this case as they will want treatment.

Just like you, your pet needs her teeth brushed daily. You can do this utilizing a kid sized toothbrush or just a finger toothbrush that is made for your pet. The paste that you use ought to be a single created for dogs only. Your toothpaste can seriously make your dog ill. To aid preserve dogs teeth in tip top shape, give them rawhide chews to gnaw on. This assists hold teeth as effectively as gums healthful.

Youll need to do other types of grooming as effectively, but not as often. You ought to examine ears and nails weekly or monthly. Appear into your dogs ears. If you see modest, black/brown specks, this can be ear mites. For nails, walks that are provided on sidewalks as nicely as in the driveway can aid to put on them down. Make certain, although, that the nails are not too long. You can discover from your vet the suitable way to trim them to help the dog to stay wholesome and to walk properly. You must not trim them with out finding some training though.

The benefits of Mobile Grooming

  •  Convenient services at your home which saves you delivery and pick up trips to the groomer
  •  No exposure to other dogs, diseases , or loud noises
  •  Eliminates car sick rides or the hindered of getting large dogs in and out of the car
  •  One on one professional pet care, no noises or distractions during the grooming process
  •  Limited separation anxiety
  •   Eliminates cage drying , mobile groomers use force dryers which remove a lot of dead hair and skin

Mobile grooming is a wonderful service for the busy professional and senior citizens who may require extra help with their pets.  It is a service based on convenience so the cost will be a little bit higher but I think most of you will agree with me when I say our pets are worth it!




Shedding is the biggest complaint of dog owners. Short-haired breeds such as Labs or Dalmatians shed year-round, and owners find themselves constantly vacuuming hair off the furniture and floors to keep up with it.

This is where a deshedding program can help. Some groomers offer a shed-less program to help you deal with the shedding hair. They use a thorough shampoo and conditioning treatment to start and then spend some time carding out the hair or stripping out dead or dying hairs so the dog’s shed cycle is extended by a few weeks. This leaves your home cleaner, and you’ll find you have to do a little less vacuuming. This also makes the dog’s coat shine more and be in better overall condition.

by  Sandy Blackburn


More than just a pretty smile.

Dental care is vitally important throughout your dog’s life and especially as she ages. Simply put, dental disease is nearly epidemic in older dogs. If you have adopted an older dog from a shelter, chances are very good that she needs dental attention. Dr. Metzger stresses that “older dogs and cats with neglected teeth are time bombs ticking.” Tartar build-up on neglected teeth leads to inflamed and infected gums, or gingivitis. The bacteria from gingivitis affect all body systems, especially the major organs of kidney, liver, and heart.

Dr. Metzger finds many owners are afraid to put their old dog under anesthesia for a dental procedure because they feel the anesthetic risk is greater than the dental benefit. Advances in veterinary anesthesia have minimized this risk greatly, and with a pre-anesthetic blood screening there is simply no reason it should be avoided when an animal is suffering from dental disease. A pre-anesthetic blood screening should always be done, and especially for a senior dog. In addition to alerting your veterinarian to any issues that could create risk during the procedure, you also have the added benefit of all of the disease screening described above. Newer veterinary anesthetics like propofol and sevoflurane make the procedure safe and recovery fast. If you are shopping for a veterinarian, Dr. Metzger recommends looking for a veterinarian who can offer sevoflurane; although it may be more expensive, he believes animals wake up better and procedures are made safer with this anesthesia. Dr. Metzger also recommends that you look for a veterinarian who can do their own blood panels in- house.


What is the best shampoo for your dog?

Choosing a shampoo is as important as choosing the proper food for your pet. Your pet’s doctor can help you select the best shampoo. Some shampoos are for routine use, while others are medicated for specific purpose and needs

Do not use a human shampoo on your woof.  Your pet’s skin is quite different from your skin. A common belief is that shampooing your pet is harmful to the skin and hair. Not true. But using the wrong shampoo can be harmful.

Lucio Viana